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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Exchange For Nancy

Nancy finally recieved the package for FIT's Christmas Exchange the other day. I'm sure happy it arrived before Christmas. Glad you like everything Nancy!
I made her 3 stitched pieces, two of which were mentioned on my previous post: the Prairie Schooler's "Winter" as jewelry box topper and La-D-Da's "Merry Christmas" which I finished as a hanger or can be used as an ornie too. I gave her the one with beaded fringe. The third piece is my December Pagoda below which I modified a lil' bit for extra fling.
December Pagoda for Nancy
And of course, a Christmas exchange won't be complete without some goodies: ribbons, beads, journal, needles, buttons, MOP thread rings, charms, mini-pewter frame, and fabric - not the ones in the photo though as I found better prints in the store so I changed in the last minute.
Christmas Exchange Goodies for Nancy
Lastly, I stitched another pagoda as Christmas gift for a family member. Will keep it a secret for now!

Aside from the above, I also finished a teaching piece and working on some projects for publications. Something that I can't share yet!

After long days of below freezing point weather, we're having a good one today - as of 7AM, it's 26 degrees. Anything above zero is good for me at this time of year... LOL It's deer hunting week for DH and his buddies (8 of them) since last weekend, so needless to say, our kitchen has been filled with hunters since Saturday. DH had to prepare his signature chili on Friday night. He does that every year, kinda like a tradition! T0-date, they only shot 3 deers so we're all hoping they'll be able to fill-in all their tags before the week ends. They need 7 more deers as some of them has double tags.

Are you done shopping gifts? Not in our household, so we might have to do some tomorrow or Saturday!

From snowy Iowa, have a great day everybody!

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Lillie said...

The colors very christmassy.
Merry Christmas to you and family. Enjoy !