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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Roses Theme MA From Malaysia

I recieved this pretty MA from Joanne of Malaysia mid-last week. I love it, as well as the beads, butterflies and threads. I can't wait to use the stash on my next project. I'm already thinking of weaving the beads into a bracelet and necklace set. Thank you so much for everything Joanne!
Roses Theme MA from Joanne of Malaysia
On the gardening side, we've been enjoying the "fruit of our labor" tremendously. I lost count how many cucumber and eggplants we already picked. I'm love eggplants the most as it's one of my fave veggy back home. I've had been enjoying them with my "burung isda"... yummy! Moreso, this is the first time we planted long-skinny cucumber and their great in refrigirator pickles as they're seedless. Although DH still prefer the regular ones on his salad.
2009 Garden - Cucumbers and Eggplants
On our way back home from PO the other day, a couple (they're farmers) in the neighborhood was selling freshly picked sweet corn. We, of course, had to stopped by and bought a sack (15 pieces/bag). Boy they're so yummy... and yes, they're all gone now.
2009 Sweet Corn
We're having storm on and off today, plus some rain which is good as our lawn and garden needs it. Just 3 more days and it's fair time already. I can't wait to see the lovely quilts, embroideries of all kinds and the jewelries that the talented Iowans submitted for display.
I hope everybody's having a great and relaxing Sunday... from our house to yours, Happy Stitching!

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