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Sunday, August 16, 2009

2009 Iowa State Fair - Part 1

Finally, the much awaited State fair has arrived. It was still dark outside when me and DH headed our way to Des Moines on August 13th. Before 6:30AM, we're already at the gate entrance at the further right side of the North Parking area. However, we did not go at the grandstand to watch Shawn Johnson and others. We simply sat at a bench where we watched a lot of kids having fun at the fountain area. As most of the buildings only opened at 9AM, we decided to look around, then spent (time and some $$$... LOL) at the Flea Market. By 8:45AM, we're already at the entrance of the Varied Industries Building (at the 2nd Floor are Fabrics and Threads exhibits)... where a lot of fairgoers who were so anxious to get inside the building are also waiting.
Me and DH made it first at the "Fabrics and Threads", as in we had to turn on the lights ourselves... Can you tell how anxious I was to see the displayed entries?
I will save some State Fair stories on my next post. For now, enjoy browsing the photos below. The first few photos are the Blue Ribbon winning entries in various categories, i.e. Cross Stitch, Counted Thread, etc.
Watch out for more needlework entries on my next post. I hope everybody's having a great stitching Sunday!

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Lillie said...

M breathless by just looking, thank you for sharing :D