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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there.

We went at MIL's house yesterday to drop off her presents. In the past, I just usually make bracelets for MIL so I decided to give her a complete set this time. The set is made of silver seed beads, pearls, and pewter charms. I stitched her initial and mounted it on a tin box which served as the gift box for the jewellery set. The box is lined and padded with ribbon to hold scissors or box of needle so she can use it for her sewing knick-knacks.

Jewellery Set for MIL
Techniques: Off-loom beadweaving, Peyote, & Stringing
Aside from the above, we also got her bunches gardeing stuffs like flower bulbs, potting soil, and a big wine barrel pot. One of her quilting friend from out-of-town was visiting that weekend so I made her a bracelet (left) using gold seed beads, pearls and antique gold metal charms. I enjoyed making these kind of bracelets so I made one for me myself (right). I accented mine with carrot freshwater pearls though.
Bracelets for me and Nona
Less than 30 minutes when we get home, DH's bestfriend called. He wanted to make sure somebody's home when he drop by to give us a bag of wild mushrooms. He loves going in the field to hunt for wild mushrooms and usually gives me and MIL a bag each when he gets a lot. Fortunately, he's always gets lucky.:) Anyway, these mushrooms didn't stay long in the fridge as I had to cook them right away. LOL I usually season and coat them with flour, eggs, salt & pepper then fry them with EVOO. The photo may not look good but they sure were yummy.

Wild Mushrooms from DH's Bestfriend
We went in Ames on May 7th to get some veggies/plants for our garden. I think we're the first customers in Holubs that day as we left home early. I planted 3 kinds of eggplants (satin beauty, purple touch and japanese eggplant) , 6 kinds of peppers (mostly bellpeppers for my salsa canning), lots of asparagus beans ("sitaw"), okra, plus of course the other regulars like cucumber, green beans, tomatoes (DH was in charge of them), and lots of greens (mustard, spinach, and radish).
Our strawberries our doing better this year so I hope to harvest more... I only got few last year. MIL has a good patch of asparagus in her yard but has to harvest them everyday otherwise "asparagus hunters" will get them. This is the time of year that I eat lots of asparagus as MIL is overflowing with them.
Well, I hope you're all having a great stitching day!
backdated post: 25th May 2009

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