Timber Creek Needleworks is a newly opened counted thread company owned by a husband and wife team. Launched on August 2008, TCN specializes in traditional and new techniques 3-dimensional hand-finishings.
Lody's Creations now carry some stocks for your stitching and finishing needs. Watch out for more items in the near future as we offer a group discount. Also, we can easily get inventories from Yarn Tree, a cross stitch distributor from Iowa, so please browse Yarn Tree's website and let us know if you want us to do a special order for you. Please take note that they only sell to shop owners and you can not place an order directly to them.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

More products at www.lodyscreations.com

I finally decided to add more items at Lody's Creations. Here's the Spring 2009 Newsletter for further news.
Still busy repacking stuffs here, and will keep on updating the pages in weeks ahead. So sorry for the slow process as I'm a beginner in web developing. On the positive note, I already know how to incorporate "Add to Cart" or "Buy-It-Now" buttons but will work on those once mopst, if not all, of the items are added. Photos below are some of the stuffs already packed, from fat quarters, embellishments, charms, Mother-of-Pearl thread holders (rings), and finishing supplies. Thanks to those of you who already placed orders on Skirtex, fats and MOP's.:) Your business is highly appreciated.

I'm currently working on a Ring & Ribbon Chatelaine Sewing Set. These kind of sewing sets started to get published and eventually got famous on late 1800's ~ early 1900's. I hope you'll consider to add them on your needlework collection as they're super fast and fun to do!

Played some more on my delica beads last week and managed to finish this jewellery set. The entire pendant is made of burgundy and crystal delicas, weaved using peyote stitch. The 6 petals were weaved individually, I then added a pewter rose with "Swarovski Crystal" at the center. The necklace chain and loop earrings were mainly made of mix emerald E-beads, pewter spacers and findings. I love the heart clasp on this necklace so I decided to place it in front.

Spring Fling Jewellery Set
Beadworks By Lody
So sorry for still being invisible in the groups...:( Life's still busy here! I hope everybody's having a great stitching weekend!

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