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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

An Easter Tradition

I remember blogging last year how we celebrate Easter back home, and that we actually call it Holy Week. Moreso, in my hometown, we still celebrate it the old ways. Holy Week is a big part of the Filipino tradition as majority of our population is Roman Catholic. Part of the tradition in our neighborhood is baking & eating "bibingka" or rice cake, so I decided to bake some since I purchased another batch of pinoy foods recently. Traditionally, bibingka back home is baked in ~8"x2" round clay molds (with banana leaves as lining) using coal (on top & bottom). To cut the story short, mine is of course baked in the oven, using rice flour mix and added cream cheese in the batter. Yummy!
Bibingka with Cream Cheese
I've been missing "puto" as well and I can't resist not to steam some. Yes, our puto back home is also made from rice and it's kinda like the counter part of muffins here in the US, only we steam them in small molds similar to muffin size. Any mold size and shape will actually works as long as it will fit in the steamer. Since I don't need a fancy product, I decided to use my "leche flan" or custard molds instead.
Puto topped with mild cheddar cheese
And finally, this week's visit at the pinoy store is the first time I saw "dugo ng baboy" or pork blood which is the main ingredient in dinuguan (dugo means blood). It is one of my fave food ever and is usually eaten with either puto or rice. I think I cooked about 7~8 pounds of pork dinuguan. I had to freeze some in small zip locks for later.
Dinuguan and puto

I hope everybody's having a wonderful family time. Happy Easter to all!

backdated post: 04-17-09

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