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Friday, April 17, 2009

Fabulous Birthday Gifts from Canada

Today is one of the best days ever... Thanks so much to Kathy for making it possible! I wish you can see my smile from ear-to-ear since I recieved your package from the mailbox earlier Kathy.
I know I'm way behind on exchanges compare to most of wonderful stitchers I met online over the past few years, so I decided to participate on a birthday gift exchange this year at Friends in Thread Group. Without a doubt, everybody there have one thing in common... very creative. And what you'll see below proves me really right. If you wanna see more of Kathy's lovely works, don't forget to check out her blog here. She does various needlecrafts and excels at all of them.
Kathy really went extra mile in preparing everything. When I opened the envelope, a couple packages revealed.
One package contains the following wonderful gifts: Halloween sewing set and yummy stash. Kathy really paid attention on what I want, as I mentioned in the past that it's high time I have to start my Halloween collection. I have to admit that at first, when I learned that majority in the FIT group collects Halloween theme pieces, a big question mark popped in my head. But as I go along reading their halloween project posts... looking at their oh so pretty finishes and ways of displaying their works, I realized what they are talking about. Needless to say I am in!
The set includes a purse (big enough to hold all the accessories, yehey!), a needlecase, a scissors case, and a fob.... and is stitched on orange fabric and black thread. The fringed which is made of "beads on beads" really added extra dimension and adorn the set perfectly. This may sound weird to others, but one of the first thing I checked on the stitched pieces was the initials. So imagine how happy I was when I found Kathy's, between the witch's foot and the broom on photo above.The finishing is so neat and perfect... every finishing stitch is on the right place.
I wish I could deliver a clear photo of the scissors for you to see how pretty it is. Kathy must have known I love embroidery scissors, but then who doesn't, right? LOL The inside of the needlecase is just stunning! The felt page was trimmed in a pumpkin shape with leaves on top.

Yummy stash: Mother of Pearl beads, a Mill Hill Pin kit, and size 28 DMC tapestry needles.

And finally the second package contains more stash. A cashel linen on my fave count, various hand-dyed threads, pretty magnets, and L-shape post-it.

So what can you say guys, am I spoiled or what?:) One thing is sure, I am blessed with wonderful friends and am now in cloud 9 of happiness. Words could not express how thankful I am with everything Kathy. From the bottom of my heart, thank you sooooooooooo much.
Everything I recieve will be well treasured and the card included in the package is no exception. The message is simply perfect so I thought I'll share it with you.
"It's the friends we meet along life's path who help us appreciate the journey."
That is why we need friends in our life's journey... and as another saying goes, FRIENDS are kisses blown to us by angels.
Happy stitching everybody!

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