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Friday, April 17, 2009

2009 State Fair Teaching Pieces

I've been corresponding once again to Dorothy (State Fair's Fabrics and Threads Division In-charge) since early this month about my hand-finishing classes. I started making itty-bitty models few months back which include biscornus, matress-style pincushions, rings fobs, pinkeeps, needlecases, scissors cases, etc. with monogram and quaker motifs, and without fancy embellishments. I was trying to make projects that can be done in a couple of hours or less. Though I finished majority of the pieces in alloted time, I know that not everybody can stitch & finish as fast as me. So I suggested to Dorothy that I will ask the students to skip the stitching part and proceed right away at the finishing as it's the main focus of the class. But still, I will give each student a complete kit to finish one project. Quite frankly, I'm not really sure if there'll be students who will enroll in my class, nor interested in hand-finishing. LOL On the positive side, Dorothy said she's interested and will enroll on my classes so that's a good sign.
Models for Finishing 101
For a recap, here's my classes details:

Dates: August 13 and August 21, 2009 (AM & PM Classes)

Morning Classes: 10:30 AM
Class Title: 3D Finishing 101: How to finish a biscornu, a matress-style pincushion or a pinkeep

Afternoon Classes: 1:30 PM
Class Title: 3D Finishing 102: How to finish a needlebook, needle case/etui, or a scissors case

I thought it would be nice to let the students choose which finishing they wanna learn so I gave various options on each class... that's the reason why at least 20-30 minutes will be alloted on intro and discussion.
Moreso, students who will enroll on morning and aftrnoon classes will recieve a special gift. So if you're from Iowa and is interested on hand-finishing, do attend a class or 2.:)
Happy stitching all!

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