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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom

Me and DH had to finalize our shopping for MIL's gifts on Thursday. We decided to go at Hobby Lobby in Ames first thing in the morning. But first, we dropped by at Walmart-Ames to check out MASH Season 1 & 2 DVD set. We're supposed to include both sets at MIL's gifts but Walmart in town & in Ames both run out of them. So we agreed to just get MIL a HB gift card and some knick-knacks. I also made some bracelets for her aside from the DVD's, CD's, Fons & Porters Triangle, rotary cutter blades, Fons and Porters Quilting Magazine Subscription, Sensor, Ped-egg, books, coat, etc. Aunt R hosted Mom's party and I was in-charge on the dessert. MIL requested a strawberry shortcake. MIL and Aunt R prepared the main course. It was another very simple gathering but everybody had a great time!
Anyway, I didn't get any cross stitch item at Hobby Lobby this time. I just focused on the jewelry supplies isle and got me a bunch of beads (seed 11/0 and E 6/0). The photo below is just some of them! As always, while I was busy at HB, DH was at the moviestore (I think bought 2 or 3 DVD's). Around 10:30AM, we're already on our way to my favorite Asian Resto in Ames but they're still close when we got there so we spend some time first at K-Mart (it's just next to the resto) first and I ended up buying a pair of slippers. By the time we headed home, it's almost noon already...
Various Beads and Beading Thread (Nymo) from Hobby Lobby
It's been a while since the last time I visited JoAnn's despite the fact that it's just few stalls away from HB. Often than not, by the time I'm done browsing at HB, I'm broke already coz I always ended up buying "this and that". I'm sure you know what I mean.:)
Hope everybody's having a great stitching day!
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