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Friday, February 13, 2009

Books and Stash

First of, I'm ok now! Been down with colds and annoying cough last week until early this week... which means no stitching for me again. But I did some beadworks though and a lil bit of ebay shopping. Speaking of ebay, I recently recieved the following
BEADING BOOKS: "The Art & Elegance of Beadweaving" is kinda pricy for me so I look for alternative. I got lucky to win "Beginner's Guide to Beadwork" though I'm quite familiar with the stitches in there already, i.e. peyote, herringbone, etc. Nevertheless, I enjoyed all the lovely project photos. The works in the "Bead & Sequin Embroidery Stitches" by Stanley Levy reminded me of beadworks I used to do in my college days in Manila.

Beading Books
Works of Stanley Levy's students
NEEDLE ARTS MAGAZINES: 25 copies of EGA magazines back issues from 1998 to 2005... so lucky I won this lot!
1998-2005 Needle Arts Magazines
BEADING SUPPLIES: I can't get enough of beading embroidery lately, might as well increase my stash. LOL

Cabochons and Cameos for my Encrusted "Beading" Embroidery

Cultured Freshwater Pearls
Me, MIL and DH went at the library last Tuesday, February 9th, to return some books and got myself another batch of various craft books. You don't expect me to go home empty handed, right? LOL Moreso, MIL got herself about 7 books from craft books to novels. Thank goodness the weather was sooooooo good then. No winter coat needed!

Cross-stitch, Beading and Papercraft Books
I wanna thank Diane, a fellow Iowan and owner of "Fields of Fiber" for the yummy ingeo fibers I recieved in the mail yesterday. She also included pertinent infos how these fibers are done. I am amazed at the work she does in converting corn fibers into yarns... and me being curious couldn't stop my mind to wonder how corns become ingeo fibers! LOL Thanks so much for your generosity Diane. Please do visit her website for further info about "ingeo fibers" and while you're there, don't forget to check-out the photo gallery for ideas how the fibers are/were used.

Ingeo Fibers from "Fields of Fiber"
And lastly, I was advised by MW that my package, mailed via priority mail on January 9th for NNC Anniversary Exchange didn't make it in time for the gathering... Sad to say but I'm getting used to my packages going to Malaysia being lost. But then I always maximize the envelope that's why maybe the PO staffs there get attracted to it. LOL
I hope everybody's having a great stitching and crafting weekend!

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