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Monday, January 12, 2009

Encrusted Bead Embroidery

I started working on this encrusted beading last night while watching the "Golden Globe Awards". It's my first heavy beaded embroidery for almost 2 decades! yay The cabochon I used was a big button (about 2" dia.) from the jar MIL gave last week. It was caged with glass seed beads, and the 2 holes on top of it were used to attach the gold dragonfly. I wish I could deliver a better photo of this piece. I used various colors of #2 bugle beads, seed beads, fire-polished glass beads and charms. It measures about 2.75" x 4.75", from tip-to-tip. I stabilized it with skirtex as I don't have timtex or buckram. I meant to only use various shades of green beads but as you can see, I went on the other direction. This will be a pendant, or should I say BIG pendant! It's looking good so far and I enjoyed doing it! That's what important, right?
Encrusted Beading
A fellow EGA member from Cedar Rapids, Sally, was so kind to lend me these DVDs of Jan Beaney and Jean LittleJohn who are both great fiber artists. I fell in love with their works when Sally emailed me the link of a class she'll gonna attend this month at Callaway Garden. Oh, I could only wish I'll be able to attend their classes too so I can see their lovely works in person. Maybe in the future HA!
Fiber Artists DVDs
Jan Beaney & Jean LittleJohn
Since DH had to stay at the hotel due to blizzard this morning, I had no choice but to get the mail today. If only I'm not expecting any mails, I won't even attempt to open the door. Anyway, I though it would be nice to take some photos of the snow outside. LOL Here are snapshots from our snowy driveway and icy roads. I chose to take a route on the snow instead of the icy road... as it is much safer to step on. I often tell DH we live in a "white world" during winter!
January 12, 2009
Snow Photos
I hope everybody's having a warm day or night! In Stitches!

1 comment:

Biblo said...

All that snow!!! I missed the Golden Glob Awards.. Couldn't stay awake as I'd a late night the day before and was like a zombie at work and we can have a zombie at work everyday....

Good thing you have plenty to keep yourself occupied being snowed in. Wonderful beadings!!

Btw, happy belated birthday!