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Monday, January 19, 2009

Basic Info on Finishing An Encrusted Pendant

A special post for Janet.:) She asked me how I finish the back of my necklaces so I thought I'd better post my response here.

First of, I stabilized both my front and backing fabrics. Timtex or buckram works best but since I don't have both, I used skirtex instead. Prior to encrusting the front piece, I make sure that both front and backing fabrics are of the same size so they would fit perfectly later on. Please refer to the first photo.
Encrusted Front Piece and Backing Fabric
Once all the stitching is complete, I slipstitch or blindstitch the 2 pieces then finish off the entire edging with moss or lazy stitch. Moss stitch was use for this model piece. Here's what it looks like at the back once all the stitching is completed.
Back of a completed pendant

1. Do not put any finishing stitches on the edge until front and back are connected as the main reason for embellishing the edge is to hide the connection.
2. Always remember to secure the last stitch then bury the tail of thread inside the pendant for a clean finish look.
3. If you are daring enough, a fringe finish at the bottom part would always be fabulous!
Any queries about this topic? Drop me a line or 2 and I'll try to answer them for you.


Janet C said...

Thank you, Lody. You're a gem!

Emily said...

thanks for the tip! Gorgeous piece!