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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009

What a great year we had! Is everybody ready for 2009? I haven't been posting some finished pieces so I thought to wrap-up my last 2008 post with these pincushions, food, and whatever my fingers itch to type.
I finished most of these pincushions this month, in-between stitching some sewing set models. One of these will go to EGA shop, some for stitching friends and some are my models.
December 2008 Completed Pincushions
Just few more days and it will be my big day. It was so nice of our dear aunt to host the gathering this weekend, though we'll gonna do it a couple days early so all member of the family can come, this Friday at 5:30PM. I chose to have pizza dinner this time, plus the regulars of course, like cake and ice cream.
Anyways, before DH left for work yesterday he said he'll gonna go straight at the bank so deposit a check. He got home around 9:00AM, grab a big box then left right away. I asked him what's the rush and he told me he has to pick-up my gifts. LOL It was an hour later when he arrived rushing inside for the packaging tape. I let him do his things but since the box was sealed, I told him I can do the wrapping of my gifts for him. LOL He love the idea of course, on the condition that I won't peek coz I've been asking him what he got me. LOL All my wish list were already granted last Christmas soI am so anxious despite the fact that there's only 2 days left. BTW, I haven't wrap the box yet.
When he went to bed earlier, I bugged him again... LOL then he told me to check our freezer at the porch. Guess what I found... 4 bags of Filipino food. Never did I imagine he went alone at the new Filipino store in town and get me all these yummy food. I LOVEEEEEEEEE fish... I've been telling DH I can live without meat as long as I have fish and veggies. I was ecstatic when I saw all these food that I haven't eaten for so long... I'll be in food heaven again for a long time... LOL The last time we went at the store, I bought mostly dry goods but everything's already eaten of course. This food info post is more to my relatives, who're visiting my blog once in a while. I'm sure they'll be jealous as some of them has to buy "bangus" in California. Here's what DH got me:
1. 2 packs of Milkfish or "Bangus" in Tagalog - I'm already cooking one of them at the moment, "paksiw" with eggplant, while I'm saving the other pack for "sinigang" or tamarind soup.
2. 2 packs of "Longganisa" - They kinda look like bratwurst but tastes sweet. The brand is Pampanga's Best, my hometown make the best tocino and longganisa in the Philippines. They're yummy with garlic fried rice and fried eggs along with seasoned vinegar for sauce. One of our traditional breakfast meal back home.
3. 2 pieces Lapu-lapu - Perfect for "Sweet and Sour".
4. 2 pieces Whole Tilapia - I seldom run out of this fish as they're always available at Walmart... and I also used tilapia when I make my "burung isda" sauce.
5. 2 packs of "Turon" - yummy dessert or snack. They're made of banana, sugar, & jackfruit (Nangka) then wrapped in spring roll. They're usually prepared deep-friend back home but I'll try to bake them here.
6. a pack of Pork "Siopao" - my favorites... LOL They're like bread filled with cooked pork. Cooking preparation is through steaming only.
7. a pack of Goldilocks brand "Pandesal" or rolls - I love these with coffee in the morning. Most Filipinos eat these rolls in the morning. I had been telling DH for a long time how I miss pandesal back home.

Filipino Food: Milkfish, Lapu-lapu, Longganisa, Tilapia,
Siopao, Turona nd Pandesal
I have to admit though that if I was with hubby when he went to the store, I won't buy all of these food... not because I don't like them but because of the price. Unfortunately, Filipino food is sooooo expensive here in our area, compare to Chicago and Orange County in CA where some of my relatives live. If I remember it right, the pandesal only cost 25 pesos or 50 cents back home, but here, DH had to pay $7.00... I asked him how much he paid for all of these but he wouldn't tell me... LOL His answer was, "birthday is only once a year!". Such a great man... Thanks Honey, Love ya much!
And lastly, DH got me these fabulous fabrics before Christmas, 2 yards each. Aren't these prettty? I love all the the prints and they're 100% cotton. Hew knew how I love to collect fabrics... and he really knows what I like when it come to crafts HA. Thanks Honey, muaahhhhzzz!

Yardages of cotton fabrics from hubby

Well everybody, I better wrap my gifts... LOL and eat my "paksiw na bangus"! So yummy with rice! yay... I will just talk about our New Year's traditions ona separate post.

I wish everybody a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

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