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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Show and Tell... plus a Secret Contest Winner

I just finished reading Jodi's email, that she finally recieved her quaker purse.:) And of course, I can blog about it now, and share more infos. After stitching this set and showed it to DH, he told me that I have to name it Christmas Sewing Set... lol due to the fact that I used red lugana fabric, metallic gold thread and variegated green. But there's no doubt in my mind that even prior to stitching the set, I already named this set Jodi's Quaker Sewing Set.:) Upon designing the purse, I immediately considered using at least one of Max (Jodi's dad) works. Jodi sent me a surprise gift last August: a walnut lil' ruler, a walnut thread keeper, and her fabulous beaded fob. I decided to incorporate the lil ruler in this design. I put an ittiy-bitty pocket, perfect to hold the ruler, underneath the attached needlebook. Notice it in the second picture. Well, I hope the pictures says it all. There are three mother-of-pearls thread holders on the inside flap, an attached needlebook, a pocket for the lil' ruler, a magnetic strip to hold loose needles while stitching, and a matching scissors case. This is also the first time I used this finishing for a scissors case. The entire set is stiffened with skirtex, and as always, this sewing set is 100% hand-finished.

Jodi's Quaker Sewing Set

by Lody's Creations

Release Date: December 2008

Purse Open View: Attached Needlebook, Lil' Ruler Pocket,
MOP Thread Rings, and Magnetic Strip to Hold Loose NeedlesNeedlebook Open View
Another thing that me and Jodi have in common is we both love beadworks. So after pampering and spoiling me a couple times with packages, I decided to include lil' bit of beading supplies and made her my favorite beaded bracelet. Unfortunately, Jodi doesn't have a blog... but photo below is what included in the package.
Jodi's New Stash

I had another insomia attack the other night and didn't fell asleep till 4AM. Me and hubby had plans to do some stashing in Ames yesterday morning, and by 8AM he's all dressed up already when he tried to wake me up. lol MIL's supposed to go with us but she got terrible colds.:( Anyways, me and hubby headed first in Target (Ames), did a little bit of shopping then headed to Hobby Lobby. As always, while I was busy stashing, he's busy buying DVD's at HL's next door moviestore. Needless to say, I got some new stash. Do I have to say I'm busy in hardanger lately? I got some variegated floss and perle cotton, fused pearls, beads, jewelry supplies and a bag & scarf sewing pattern from Indygo Junction.

October Stash from Hobby Lobby

At around 5PM yesterday, my eyes can barely open... after preparing hubby's dinner, I decided to go to bed. I woke up around 12 MN, and I'm sure I won't go back to bed till 11PM tonight. I love it though when I'm awake at this time, I can and will do lots of stitching... I'm working on a couple more sewing sets, not to mention stitching some models for my TGOSM articles.

And lastly, I wanna applaud and thank Brenda for sharing her recent finished piece, ASJ Fob 1 featured at TGOSM this month, check the photos at my TCN blog. As the first stitcher to stitch this piece (and of course shared a photo with me), she won the secret fun contest. I planned this fun contest and oviuosly kept it a secret) months ago to give the first person who will stitch (and share the photo with me) any fob in the series. The winner of course will recieve a surprise gift for me!:) When I read Anne-Marie's comment yesterday morning, I thought she'll gonna win the secret contest, as she told me she'll gonna stitch the above mentioned fob.:)

Off to go back to my stitching everybody! Have a great stitching weekend!


Lillie said...

Both stash are wondeful.

mymarkdesigns said...

What a beautiful finish!!