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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Altoid Tin Toppers and Some News

It's getting cold here already, as in I can't go in town (or anywhere) anymore without a sweater or a jacket. On the other hand, it means more stitching works gets done, and/or will be done. I think I exceeded my quota this last couple of weeks. I finished stitching almost 20 "smalls", though few are waiting to be finished... I stitched 8 altoid tins (only 7 were mounted/finished though), 2 pagoda pincushions, a scissors case, a 3 pc-sewing set, a needlebook & fob set, a business card case, a hardanger biscornu, a jewelry box topper for EGA shop, and a model for TGOSM... plus my 3 pieces "private exchange" this month, stitching all done.
7 Altoid Tin Toppers and 2 Pagoda Pincushions
All were my designs except from the quaker rose motifs that
I extracted from Little by Little Quaker Rose Sampler.
Below is a quaker purse similar to Jodi's but I stitched it on 32 count amsterdam blue linen. This piece was finished last month and will be part of my personal collection, as well as the exact replica in "red linen" that I'm still working on, to be use as model.

Lastly, a fellow EGA member informed me weeks ago about EGA's recent project... to further promote needleworks, members can (upon EGA Headquarters' approval) sell their completed works at EGA Shop in Kentucky and/or online on a consignment basis. I recieved the "go signal" from the person-in-charge and recieved the contract this weekend. They're requesting 5 or 6 pieces of my works...:) That was the reason why I made a replica of "Her Excellency Jewelry Box", my state fair entry at "Counted Thread Division - Mixed Fiber Category" that won Blue Ribbon.:) I, of course, will keep my original winning entry... I'm planning to finish the other 5 items this week and hope to ship them all out by early next week. Then the rest of my October days will be devoted to stitching/finishing more models for my TGOSM articles.

Her Excellency Jewelry Box for EGA Headquarters Shop

I thought I have a photo of all my recent finishes, only to find out now that I missed some... so I'll just share them next time.

Till next time everybody! If you won't see me for a while, you know what I'm doing...:)

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anne marie said...

All your works are very beautiful.
My exchange is posted since last Friday, I hope that you are not going to delay receiving it.