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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Quaker from Jodi

I'm closing my September post with the private quaker exchange I recieved from Jodi. I was like a 7 yo girl so anxious to open a surprise gift on her birthday. This is my first time to see Jodi's stitching up close and personal... all i can say is, her works is fabulous!... and she's so generous to include hand-dyed fibers (from The Thread Gatherer and Victorian Motto) and another walnut thread organizer in the package. I've been smiling ear-to-ear, you made my day Jodi, my dear friend... Thank you so much for everything! Words could not express how much you made me happy.

Quaker Exchange from Jodi of WI

Designs: Combo of AMAP, WMN, & Homespun Elegance

Stitched on hand-dyed 32 count Glory Lugana

using The Thread Gatherer-Frosted Auburn

For a brief history of this exchange, it's supposed to be a "quaker purse" exchange but I learned from Jodi that her other online friends usually do the finishing for her. Since I love finishing, I suggested that she can just send me the stitched piece and I'll finish it myself... and I of course, will send a finished purse.:) If you wanna know what kind of finishing I'll gonna do with this piece, come back in a day or so.

Also, today is my Tatay's 61st birthday. Happy birthday Tatay! Tatay is a tagalog/filipino term which means Daddy or father.:)

Thank you everybody for dropping by!

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