Timber Creek Needleworks is a newly opened counted thread company owned by a husband and wife team. Launched on August 2008, TCN specializes in traditional and new techniques 3-dimensional hand-finishings.
Lody's Creations now carry some stocks for your stitching and finishing needs. Watch out for more items in the near future as we offer a group discount. Also, we can easily get inventories from Yarn Tree, a cross stitch distributor from Iowa, so please browse Yarn Tree's website and let us know if you want us to do a special order for you. Please take note that they only sell to shop owners and you can not place an order directly to them.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Walnut Needlework Products from Bloom Woodworks
Package recieved from Jodi: Thread Keeper, Ruler, and a Beaded Fob
Look what I got in the mail recently! Jodi, daughter of the artist behind Bloom Woodworks surprised me with a wonderful package. She sent me a couple of walnut needlework accessories (an itty-bitty ruler and thread keeper) and a beaded fob. Thank you very much Jodi! It is truly a blessing to know you and and your dad through this world-wide-web, though we haven't met in person.:)
Bloom Woodworks designs and builds high quality hand-crafted items, particularly needlework accessories made of walnut. .. each piece is truly a heirloom item and will be treasured by the next generation. The business is situated in Iowa, and runs by a father (Max) and a daughter (Jodi) team. Mr. Max Bloom is the artist behind all the wonderful pieces in their gallery. You'll surely enjoy exploring their website specially the "Products", "Gallery", and "Our Friends" pages. But if you're like me, who loves to know further details about the designer and the company, then you have to visit their "About Us" page. They accept orders worldwide therefore you can purchase directly from them. Some of the designers they work with are: With My Needle, Guila Punti Antichi, The Workbasket, etc.
My stitching works was put on-hold a little bit while re-organizing my stuffs in the attic. I've been busy hauling my stash from the living room to the attic in the last 3 days... lol However, I managed to finish some "small" models on those days, which unfortunately can not be shared yet.:(
Hope everybody's having a great day!

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