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Monday, August 18, 2008

Hardanger Biscornu & Blue Ribbons

My 2008 IA State Fair Entries
4 Blue Ribbons & a Sweepstakes for Counted Thread Division
We just got back from Des Moines, after picking-up my entries and I met another 2 wonderful EGA members but this time from Cedar Valley Chapter. I will take photos of my entries later and will update this post.
Update as of 8:30PM: Who would ever thought that my simple designs will take home ribbons? Categories are as follows:
a). 3-pc set Ornaments - I submitted a mounted ornament embellished with gold trims and fused pearls, a needles etui, and a sampler biscornu.
b). Mixed Fiber - a jewelry box bought at Walmart, topped with my embroidered piece. I used DMC cotton floss, DMC metallic threads, Caron Rachel thread, Caron Wildflowers thread, beads and pearls.
c). Mixed Technique - I originally design this piece as an "ort collector case" (and still wanna use it as such), but per my featured at TGOSM design this month, I used it as a sewing case. The techniques I used are: pulled thread, basic hardanger, cross stitch and specialty stitches. Media used are the same as Mixed Fiber entry.
d). Pillow - all the while I thought I submitted it at the Counted Thread Division... lol It was actually submitted at cross stitch, yet won the first prize still. As you can see, it is a giant biscornu... the size is about 8" worked with cross stitch and basic hardanger.

I was about to post this biscornu this morning but got destructed when I chat to a friend via MSN... that's another story and will blog about it tomorrow. Anyway, I finally finished stitching and finishing the blue on blue hardanger I was talking about yesterday and decided to finish it into a biscornu. Again, it is another one of my very simple design. I know it needs a lot of improvement.:) I don't have much supplies on hardanger embroidery so I gotta rely on what's available in my stash. I had to use a different color backing material as I don't have blue ones anymore.:( I need to visit a needlework shop soon to get the appropriate materials.:) I can't seem to stop myself from making itty-bitty hardangers, another addiction I gotta handle. The white on white is almost done, just need to add some embellishments, and I started a scissors case/sheath this morning. I will try to finish them tonight but will only post the photos on Wednesday.

Hardanger Biscornu: Top View

Hardanger Biscornu: Side View

I meant to post this completed work of Anne Marie last week (already posted at TCN Blog though) but slipped my mind. So here it is, the SUMMER FLOWERS SEWING SET. It is my design featured at The Gift of Stitching Magazine for August 2008 Issue. I enjoyed designing, stitching and finishing this set, and I'm sure you will as well. When Anne Marie sent me a photo of the complete set, I felt the same feeling when I finished the set myself. This set will become one of my teaching pieces. Again, thank so much Anne Marie for stitching and finishing the set.
Summer Flowers Sewing Set
Featured at TGOSM August 2008 Issue
Well fellow fabric stabbers, till next time and I hope everbody's having a great stitching time...


anne marie said...

I was not able to refrain from smiling by seeing your biscornu...why? If you look on my blog today, you will understand:o)) thank you to have put my work on your blog.

biblo said...

Makes me want to subscribe to TGOSM just to get the Summer Flower sewing set design.... ^_*

Anonymous said...

congratulations on your ribbons!!