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Thursday, August 7, 2008

2008 IA State Fair: U Gotta Love It

Varied Industries Building at the background: Fabrics and Thread Department is at 2nd floor.
It's my favorite place during the fair...

Some of the Cross Stitch Division Entries
Each panel is filled with entries... These panels in the photo are for Cross Stitch Division!
Finally, the 2008 State fair starts today. The theme this year is "U Gotta Love It".

Me and hubby picked-up MIL at around 5:45AM... yes, we're on our way to the fairgroundds before 6AM as we planned to join the record setting history on "corndog chomp". Over 10,000 Iowans ate corndog at 8:45AM at the same place. I hope we set a new record history today.:) Aside from free corndog (of course), the entrance fee from 5AM to 8:30AM (today only) is free. And yes, we made it, we got there at around 6:50AM.

At around 9AM, I was already enjoying the Fabric and Threads entries. As always, there's a lot of wonderful needleworks from talented Iowans... be it quilts, cross stitch, embroidery, sewing, crochet, tatting, etc.

Only some of my e-stitching friends knew that I submitted entries at the "Counted Thread Division" (different division from Cross Stitch). I didn't able to blog much last month as I was busy "trying to" work on my website and finishing up a lot of models... not to mention my entries. All my entries were smalls with out-of-the-frame finishings. I wanna say I'm very lucky this year... my works will take home 4 blue ribbons... Categories are: 3-pc set ornaments, pillow, mixed technique (not picture or pillow) and mixed media (not picture or pillow). I will share all the photos once I get the items back from the fair. I know you'll notice that my entries are very simple, after seeing other entries, I wonder why my works won.
The "case" has the same finishing as the one being featured at TGOSM this month. I was thinking of stitching a "white on white" project but since I got yardages of lavender, mauve & red Quaker Linens, I thought it would be interesting to use one of them. I settled for lavender and used antique violet floss. Since it's for "Mixed Techniques Category", I tried to use floss color similar to the fabric for pulled work & basic hardanger. I also used Caron Rachel thread and DMC metallic thread.
I couldn't believe that my 8" biscornu pillow will earn a blue ribbon... My design is sooooooo simple. But I gotta say I'm so happy it earned a place.:)
The jewelry box is under "Mixed Media Category". Among all my entries this year, I have to say this is my favorite.:) It looks so elegant despite the simple and repetitive design. I just combine basic haradanger, cross stitch and some specialty stitches like satin & spider web stitch. Corners and main motifs were accented with champagne pearls (the ones I use for my jewelry proects). I had to re-mount the stitched piece and just use plain ecru twisted cording all around it. Before that, I used combination of pink & ecru twisted cording with tassels at both ends. The tassels were at the center front of course. But then the focal point of the box became the tassels instead of the stitched piece... I'm so happy I changed my mind, otherwise I don't think it will recieve a blue ribbon. :)
As for the ornaments (not pictured), they are so simple as well. I guess the jurors love the finishing and the embellishments...:)

Case, Pillow (the bisconu, 8") & Jewelry Box
I finally managed to meet Ms. Dorothy (the head of Fabrics and Threads Department of IA State Fair) and discussed about my teaching class (hand-finishing) for next year's State Fair. I'm pretty sure I blog about this proposal before. I do really want to promote further hand-finishing and teaching is one of the best way to go.

I have to share this funny story: After me and Ms. Dorothy (and hubby too) shaked hands, she told me "I didn't expect you're still young." She thought I'm already in my 60's... We had a good laugh about it. Today was the first time we met in person though we've been communicating via e-mails.

While we're talking, I also noticed that my name was written on a "piece of paper" (like an index card) with "Cedar Valley EGA" on it, only to find out I'm the sweepstakes winner of "Counted Thread Techniques". I don't know how I gained that price but I am of course very happy about it. I also saw other names in separate "piece of papers", i.e. sweepstakes winner of Cross-Stitch, etc. One of them was the "Best of Show" winner last year, she's the sweepstakes winner on Cross Stitch Division.

The Fairgrounds was crowded, I haven't seen that crowd in the previous fairs. I bet the corndog thing contributed a lot and motivated others to come today. We walked and walked and walked and see a lot of great things. But as always, I enjoyed most the Fabrics and Thread displays. Me and hubby got some stuffs at the flea market as well. I'm still very tired to take a photo of our stash... lol

We had pork chop on a stick for lunch... then ice cream bar afterwards... yum yum! At around 2PM, we're all tired and ready to go home as all our feet were already sore... lol We'll be back on Friday, August 15th, though.

These are just some of the lovely Quilt Entries
I took almost 100 photos today, mostly at the Fabrics and Threads. I will try to share other photos some other time... I got more on sewing, cross stitch, quilts, etc.
I hope you'll enjoy browing them! Happy stitching to all...

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Lillie said...

Congrads on your win Lody. Great fair..something not happening here!