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Monday, April 21, 2008

Embroiderer's Companion and Some Stash

Feed My Soul Stitches Embroiderer's Companion
by The Cat's WhiskersFeed My Soul Stitches Set
Feed My Soul Stitches
matching Matress-style Cushion & Mini-biscornu Fob
Stash from April Yard Sale
I finally finished my Feed My Soul Stitches Embroiderer's Companion though I used my own finishing technique. Instead of matboard, I used skirtex as stiffener. I also added a lot of compartments inside, i.e. thread keeper & thread rings, and a pocket to hold small knick-knacks. I replaced the attached pincushion with a needlebook. All pockets and needlebook were fully lined with muslin cotton. An empty bead tube was calling me while finishing it so I added a loop to hold it and/or a pen, at the spine area. I used a trimmed elastic for the bead tube and pen loop, same as the loop I used to close it. Yes, I chose to use a button and loop closure instead of "tie". Moreso, I cut my linen in 2 parts instead of 4 parts as recommended by the designer/finisher. The original design has only "pins and needles" stitched on the inside left part but I added "threads" to complete the compartments. And of course, you don't expect me not to make a matching pincushion & fob, right?
On April 5th, me and hubby went on a big yard sale in town. Good thing he saw it in the paper or I would missed it. I was sure glad the weather cooperated then, no rain at all. I remember hubby waking me up around 7AM, he showered and dressed already, so we could be there early. After a quick shower, we rushed in town and was at the yard sale before 8AM. Some of the vendors just started putting their stuffs on the tables. lol Hubby browsed the table really fast and told me where the good spots are. I only focused on 2 vendors, those who got lots of books and old magazines. Of course, hubby was behind me to haul the stuffs in the car. If only I got more space in my craft area, I would buy more. But I have to do some spring cleaning first, and am sure we'll gonna go on more yard sale, or probably estate auctions in the next few months.
Thanks so much and have a great night everybody!


Meari said...

Your finishes are great, Lody! I love it. So sorry about the immigration problems. What a pain. I'll keep you in my thoughts. Hang in there... Things will turn out all right.

Crazy X-Stitcher Etc said...


I have decided to moved in with you permanently and lived in your completed stash dept. So pretty.

Now off to find rich husband so that I can sit at home and stitch. You have any spare?


Lillie said...

Loved the finishing and great stash. So sweet of your DH to have noticed the sale.

Hoped everything will resolve quickly and no more arising problems to add. All the best. Take care n hugs

Emily said...

Oh dear, sorry to hear about the mess with immigration. Hope things get sorted out soon. Dont fret, go do some stitching! Take care.

BTW lovely stash and FOs!

mymarkdesigns said...

Oh no! I can't even imagine how stressful that must be... I hope it gets sorted out quickly (and without too much expense). On the bright side, your finish is gorgeous!