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Monday, March 31, 2008

Final March Finishings

Anniversary Ornament for The Williams
Redwork Quaker Stitcher's Wallet Quaker Eyeglasses Case
These lot concludes my March finishings as I didn't do much crafting in the last few rainy days. I was, however, busy reading my needlework books. Whenever I take a glimpse of my book collections, they draw a quick smile on my face. It took me years before I got most of them and now I couldn't get enough reading them from time to time... I'm sure you can relate to me in other ways.:)
The ornament is my gift to a couple who (the wife) dropped by at my completed works and asked me if i can make a first year wedding anniversary ornament for them. She actually told me she'll pay for it but I'd rather give it to them as a gift.:) She specifically told me she wants their wedding motifs to be used, their names and dates on it. With so much writings to put on, I thought a matching fob will help. So, on the ornie itself, I made sure that all the colors she mentioned were there, the couple's names, wedding date and anniversary date... while on the fob was their intertwined or overlapped initials on one side, and their surname & "1st wedding anniversary - 2008" on the the other. I used a lariat as hanger so she can use it on various things.
The redwork purse is an easy and quick project that I did during DH's day offs last week. While the last photo was the UFO from my previous post. I finally decided to finish it as a spectacle case... I extracted the rose from "La-d-da's Quaker Rose", however I had to change the colors to match the other design already stitched. I then fill the lower part with alphabet. I thought this could be use as a scissors case as well... right? It was stiffened with skirtex and thick wadding was sandwiched between lining fabric and stiffener.
I also stitched few more smalls but still unfinished so I thought I'll just include them in my next month's accomplishments... same as with "Feed My Soul" UFO.
Well my dear friends, aside from designing some complimentary patterns, that's what kept me busy lately. Have a good night everybody!


Waterrose said...

Your work is wonderful!

Lillie said...

Stunning as always, Lody.