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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fabric Stash & Another Post Valentines

2008 Valentines Day goodies from Hubby which includes The Cross Stitcher Magazine and an Altoids Peppermints plus the traditional bouquet and chocolates
I don't have much to share with regards to stitching activities so I thought I'll post another "post valentines". DH is a sweet guy in his own way... Though I've told him a bunch of times I don't expect flowers and chocolates on our anniversaries and Valentine's Days, he never missed to give me one. Yes, even when I was still back home, he order online to have dozens and dozens of various colors of roses delivered on my front door.

I must say, he's more romantic than me when it comes to this kind of thing... lol Since I arrived here in US, he always include box of chocolates and cross-stitch related items with flowers. This year, he picked "The Cross Stitcher" magazine, altoids peppermint and turtles chocolates with the bouquet of assorted lovely flowers. On our anniversary last month, he just picked plain red roses. There are times that he gives me roses just because he wants to... lol But of course I'm so thrilled with that and share it on the phone with my grammy (she's actually my grammy's youngest sister from mother side who lives in MI) , to whom I'm very close with. lol

Yardages of Fabric Stash for my Sewing/Stitchers Purses

Though I didn't do much stitching, I did able to get some fabrics on Thursday (2 top fabrics) and yesterday (4 bottom fabrics). I couldn't resist them when I saw the prints, I knew right away I had to get yardages. I'm thinking of using the reds and blues with my sewing and/or stitchers purses. As you all know by now, I'm into redworks and quakers, the top red fabric is just perfect for them. As for the green and brown fabrics, I'm still undecided which one I'll use for my bolster pillow... the stitched piece that will go with it is the SHS' "LHN-Home of a Needleworker".

Needlework Alphabets and Designs edited by Blanche Cirker, original works by Therese de Dillmont

And finally, another book to fill my shelves. It's a 1975 republication of Therese de Dillmont's 82 plates, originally titled "The Embroiderer's Alphabets, Letters, Figures, Monograms and Ornaments for Embroideries on Counted Thread". It was edited by Blanche Cirker, and I don't blame her for changing the title to "Needlework Alphabets and Designs"... Dillmont's version is way to long to memorize huh.

I have a lot of designing, stitching and finishing ahead of me this week so I better start some now. lol Till next time everybody!

Note: I forgot to mention in my previous post that I-N-N pinkeep is a tribute to Heather Orn of INN for visiting my completed works. The said design will be a freebie on her INN website. I will mail and give the pdf file to her once I get it done. So don't forget to check out INN for this simple and easy to stitch project and for tasty and yummy needlework news.


Janet C said...

So sweet of your hubby, especially giving you flowers without reason!

ShannyK-L said...

DH is so sweet... Its the small gestures of everyday that lights up our life isn't it?

Lody said...

janet & shanny,
thanks again for dropping by.:)
yes, DH is sweet in his own little way.:) and he knows that i'm very appreciative, specially if it involves cross-stitch related things... lol just imagine how many DH will give their wives an altoid... lol but then of course DH knows that i use those little tins a lot.