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Monday, November 30, 2009

Stashing Back Home

I think a crafter will always find way to stash wherever she/he is. Though I didn't able to visit my favorite stitching shop in Pasig (Metro Manila), I managed to get stash from different places... items were purchased accordingly from my hometown and Manila!
Fabrics... fabrics... fabrics! These were my first "stash" purchase from my hometown. There were a lot of choices and I wish I could buy more but I knew I have limited amount of luggage to consider. These fabrics are only 1 to 3 yards each... not good as finishing materials for my smalls but would be great for tote bags (I think) or crazy quilting. Most are textured and thick but very soft, so I'm thinking these are curtain fabbies. I already sew a couple of pouch bags while I was back home - for my nieces Lian & LJ - using one of the variegated fabric... both turned out cute but forgot to take pics of them. I used shoe strings for closure.
Beads... beads... beads! Who wouldn't get them when you see these yummy colors? I bought mostly seed beads but there are some E-beads too. My faves are the variegated ones! Majority are czech but some are japanese beads. If I remember it right, these beads are over 150 packs. I'm thinking of using these on my bead embroidery projects and embellishing smalls. I also bought some fancy glass beads which will be used for my jewelries but will share photo of those next time. Purchased during my first visit in Manila.
Linen... linen... linen! The stitcher part of me always on a look-out of linen. I purchased this linen from the same shop I got the beads, but didn't notice till my second visit. The size is approximately 30 count. The look is kinda similar to natural irish linen, but the texture is rougher and harder. I think I purchased 10 yards of this. Tested the fabric right away when I had the chance, using one of my designs with cutwork then finished it into a biscornu.
And lastly, I couldn't resist these embroidered handkies and pouches when I saw them at the Filipiniana section of my favorite mall. I doubt if these hankies are handstitched aside from the ones made of pina cloth (with pink). Some of the handkies had cutwork andpulled thread techniques. The top 3 boxes contains surface embroidery though.
The above are just "part" of the stash I brought from Philippines... more photos to come. I alloted one luggage for stash, while the other for pasalubong (gifts) as all my clothes were left for my sister and mom... uhum, we wear the same sizes.

More posts coming up!

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