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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Some Halloween Finishes

Aside from stitching and finishing some models and exchange pieces (which I can't show yet), I managed to complete few halloween theme smalls. They're all quick to stitch designs that's why I managed to finish six of them.
Smell My Feet
La-D-Da: stitched on 28 ct Tea Monaco
CWDS: 28 ct Off-white Davosa
When I saw this "Smell My Feet" of La-D-Da from JCS 2008 Halloween issue, I've wanted to stitch it... but I'm not a Halloween-y stitcher then yet. This year, I decided to start collecting Halloween and Fall smalls so I digged the magazine right away when I got my stitching opportunity early this week. I finished it into a pillow trimmed with ruched ribbon. I'm stitching a second piece (a keep-me piece) but will use purple instead of green.
This Cherry Wood Design Studio piece is also titled "Smell My Feet", and was released last year as well. What a coincidence HA? The humorous full verse was "Trick or treat smell my feet", but as you can see in my ornies below, I stitched "Trick or Treat" only. I made a second piece using green floss instead of fuschia. I should have finished these as flat mounted ornaments but my tacky glue is kinda hard already, and the new one is nowhere to be found. Both were trimmed with black twisted cording. I thought these would be great as a door hanger , don't you think?

I can't believe Halloween is fast approaching... Happy stitching all!

Note: These pieces are not for any exchanges... Frankly, I don't know yet what to do with them.


Lillie said...

Shall I say beautiful feet or shoes? LOL, finishing as always, beautiful. Loved that Halloween theme fabric!!

Charlene said...

Love your feet!! I've not been a Halloween stitcher in the past either, but there was something that made me what to do them this year. I have these marked for later, too!!