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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Majesty Set And Some Beadworks

I can believe it's been weeks since the last time I updated my blog. Been busy on other things as some of you already know. Most of these jewelries were finished last week, some of them weeks ago, but unable to post them right away as I was busy packing for my trip. I used the beads Joanne (of Malaysia) sent me, the garnet chips I got from the State Fair, and potato freshwater pearls from my stash. Thanks again Joanne! I really love this kind of seed beads as they have multiple lovely shades that can be incorporated in a lot of colors.
The technique used for all these jewelries is spiral weaving only, another "no-brainer stitch". I was about to give peyote a rest but then I had to make a big tube to attach the encrusted pendant later on. Yes, I will use one of my signature encrusted pendant on the Majesty Set though it's still in progress. This set is my favorite among my recent beadworks. I might change the silver grapes and leaves clasp into a beaded loop & ball but will leave it as is for now. I have to buy more beads similar to what Joanne's sent me.
Majesty Set - Beadworks by Lody
Note: Encrusted pendant to be attached later

Majesty Set, Bracelets and Earrings
(Sorry for the blurry photo, will have to replace it sometime)
Three members of the family (my in-laws) had their birthdays this month, and the gathering were all done at Aunt R's house in Marshalltown. They were of course another great gatherings.
I'm sorting some stitching stuffs to take with me on my upcoming trip though I have to admit, my luggages are full. I might have to remove some of the packed stuffs, one way or the other, I won't travel without my crafts. I'm planning to take some encrusting materials too.
Will share some stitching works some other time as they were not recieved yet by the recipients. Hope everybody's having a great stitching week!

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