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Monday, August 17, 2009

Heirloom Sewing And What Nots

Here's the pillow I made on the "Heirloom Sewing Class" I attended on the first day of the State Fair, August 13th afternoon. It is made of dupioni silk, in green and ecru... and as the teacher said, it has to be filled lightly. I'm thinking of embellishing the edge but I'm not sure yet what medie to use, i.e. beads, trimmings, etc. It was a fun class and I can't wait to enroll on another class on Friday or Sunday.
Heirloom Sewing Project - August 13, 2009
Unfortunately, the "Shuttle Tatting Class" I wanna enroll is offered on the day I wasn't on the Fair so I'll gonna miss it this year. As I was browsing my Fair photos earlier, I realized I didn't share some of the tatted pieces so here they are. I think "Tatting Category" has the least entries this year, as per Dorothy.
The top 3 fabbies in the photo below were the ones I bought the other week, while the other 3 on the bottom were purchased this weekend. I so love the Fall and Halloween fabbies! The floral blue on the bottom left is kinda like a thick canvas-feel (cotton) fabric, and I'm thinking of making tote bags out of it.
Yardages of Cotton Fabbies
I finally decided to do some canning last Friday after all those rain we had early last week. Me and DH picked a bucketful of cucumber on Friday morning, both the regulars and skinny ones. As I gather my canning supplies, I realized I don't have much "small mouth" jars so DH had to get some at MIL's. I made 7 big jars of sweet pickles and 5 big jars of dill.

Sweet Pickles and Dills - August 14, 2009
All those rain early last week refrain us from picking veggies in the garden. Our garden is in the lower part of our lawn and it's kinda muddy after so much rain. As a result, some of our cucmbers got really old, which are actually perfect for MIL's relish. So I separated the big ones and we deliver these at MIL's on Saturday, along with some fresh corn, a muscatine cantaloup, and grilled chicken breasts. DH was in the mood to grill after we went in town, so I prepared mashed potato and gravy with our grilled chicken and corn. We've been enjoying MIL's fresh potatoes in weeks now. Needless to say, I'm sure I'm gaining extra pounds again. LOL
Cucumbers for MIL's Relish
Are you familiar with parslane? Well, it's called "maligoso" in my hometown in Pampanga, Philippines... an edible weed that has a lil' bit bittery (like ampalaya leaves) and slimy feel taste (like spinach). I already blog about parslane last year when I found them being sold at our local flea market. moreso, we gets lots of these in our backyard every summer so I told DH not to remove them when he's weeding in the garden. I picked some on Friday as they're starting to conquer our other veggies. I only picked 4 roots yet the big bucket got full. Unfortunately, I only managed to "himay" half, and the other half went into waste. It was just too much, and I have more to pick at the garden next few times!
Edible Weed: Parslane or Maligoso in Tagalog
I watched Tyra Banks Show, Dr. Phil Show, Who Want To Be A Millionaire and Jeopardy on Friday the entire time I was seggregating the leaves. But all the time I spent doing that was well worth it as I enjoyed eating my supper. After washing the leaves reallhy good, I sauteed them with a clove (minced) fresh garlic, medium size onion, olive oil, and a can of sardines. It was sure good with steam rice. I can't wait to do it again this week.
Parslane Leaves ready to cook!
Our eggplants this year are doing good too! I planted 3 kinds - lavender touch, satin beauty, and japanese eggplant (the skinny ones, similar to what we plant back home). I've been enjoying them for almost a month already. I usually eat them with fried fish and "burung isda", but since I got so much last week, I decided to start preserving - frozen method. I cut them into quarters then blanched (boiling water with lemon juice to preserve color) them for a few minutes... once they're strained and cold, I put them in zip lock baggies then freeze.
2009 Eggplants: Lavender Touch, Satin Beauty & Japanese

I took a lot of photos of our veggies garden last Wednesday, August 12, so I can show them to my family back home. I'll share some of them in my next post so you can see our "Christmas Tree Eggplants" and "Christmas Tree Tomatoes"... as in we had to put rods and sticks on them so they won't fall on the ground.

I have some stitching works to do so I better go back to work now. Have a great week everybody!

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