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Monday, August 31, 2009

August 23rd: The JOURNEY Concert...

... and the last day of the Fair! When DH got home from work that Sunday morning, I didn't expect that he's not planning to sleep... so I wasn't dressed to leave yet. In fact, I didn't believe him when he said we'll leave right away until he got dressed, etc. Anyway, by 9:30AM, we're at the fairgrounds parking already. We usually get there before 8AM on other days. The good thing about that day was that we didn't have to wait for any building to open. But before checking out any exhibits, we ate breakfast first... funnel cake and coffee!... so yummy! Within that day, I managed to see all the places and things I wanna see.
Look at this jumbo pumpkins? Most of there are about 1,000 lbs weight. I think I even saw a piece which is almost 1,200 lbs.
I got these miniature primitive stuffs at the Shopper's Mart... plus other fabbie things. Each item in the photo below reminds me of my favorite samplers. These are the only miniatures that caught my attention as the rest are christmas related stuffs like snowflakes.
Other things I can't resist are jewelry supplies? I'm planning to make a set of bracelet and earrings out of the garnet chips... and will use the Brazilian agates stones as cabochons on my next encrusted pendants. I also bought various jewelry making tools at the Flea Market, i.e. bend pliers, ring sizers (both plastic and metal), etc.
With all the walking we did that day, we decided to ride the "Sky Glider". I think that would be the first and last I'll gonna ride it coz I hate heights. LOL
One of the famous trademark of IA State Fair is the butter cow... and other butter characters (photos courtesy of Iowa State Fair website). In my first 3 years here, me and DH would usually fall in line to see the butter cow up close and personal. But since last year, we stopped doing it. Anytime we go there, the line is just crazy... soooooo long. I heard in the news before that they're planning to make a butter Michael Jackson, as a tribute to the King of Pop. But obviously, the proposal wasn't approved (?). Last year was Shawn Johnson, Iowa's golden girl... the olympian!
And finally, around 6PM, we're already at the gate of the Fairgrounds for Journey's concert. As expected, there were a lot of Filipinas there. LOL We managed to get in right away and waited for almost a couple of hours. We decided to get in early after all the walks we had. "Heart" was the first performer during the first half, for almost an hour. By the time Journey appeared on stage, it was way past 10PM already. But the waiting is all worth it. LOL Forgive me if my photos are blurry... and during the break, I got DH a souvenir concert shirt.:)

Now I gotta wait another year again for the Fair.... It just ended but I'm missing it already.

Have a great week everybody!

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Lillie said...

What a lovely find, loved those primitive miniatures, so cute.