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Saturday, July 11, 2009

An Award And Other Stuffs

Astrid emailed me over a week ago about this award -Have a Wonderful Day Award. Unfortunately, I was extremely busy finishing some models that I didn't able to post about it right away. Thank you so much for the award Astrid. I am honor that you included me in the list.

There's a lot of blogs from all sorts of crafts that I admire therefore picking only 8 is extremely hard. Therefore, I'm giving this award to everybody who wanna grab it and please post it on your blog.
I ordered another batch of books from CVCEGA and I got them all in the mail few days ago. They range from needlepoint, hardanger, cross stitch and reference books. I enjoyed browsing them but one of my fave from this batch is the "Free Embroidery Stitches by Mary Hickmott". The pocketbook size is perfect to carry in purse.
Needlework Books from CVCEGA
My fingers has been busy stabbing linen the last two weeks as I had to finish some models for magazine publication, and some exchanges. My models went in the mail by mid-week, and now I'll be able to work on the next batch. I'm currently finishing some models for Embroidery & Cross Stitch magazine, which has been long overdue. The finishing technique I'm trying on is kinda new to me, and that slows my production. As I've mentioned before, I wanna perfect my technique so I can answer any queries from cutomers. It's the main reason why I prefer to do my models, though there were times that I'm considering hiring stitchers to increase my finishing time. Maybe in the future...:)
July Packages
We have lots of mulberry trees in our yard and there's this particular tree that gives us lots of them each year. Last week, me and DH picked a lot as majority are already ripe. By the time we stopped picking, our fingers are kinda purple already as they stain.
2009 Mulberries
That's all for now everybody! A wonderful stitching day to all!

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Lillie said...

You must be extremly busy.

Imagining mulberry jams, mulberry pie, mulberry tarts...so yummy!!