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Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Birthday To Our Princess Back Home

It seems like it's only yesterday when this little girl was born... and today, she celebrates one of her biggest birthday party ever. Her mom is my younger sister. I managed to call her last night to greet her a happy birthday, though our conversation was cut short as the clowns they rented just started to do a show at that time.
Whenever I call home, I would talk to her the longest as she's the one who's giving me the full details of what's going on there. LOL She would even tell me secrets, then my mom and my sisters would be surprise how did I found out this and that. One time, she was about to tell me a secret then I heard her telling my mom and her mom to go away 9i.e. get out of the house) so they won't hear what she'll gonna tell me. She's only 3 years old then... LOL But of course they didn't actually leave her alone, they just hid behind the doors and so they can hear what she'll gonna say coz they were thrilled.
She's now on the second grade and has been in the honor roll since kinder. She started to collect medals at early age coz she get rewards for doing great in school. Though we don't really expect her to do so as she's one of the youngest in her grade. Most of her classmates are a year older than her.
One of my fave hobby when I just got here in US was digital scrapbooking... I need to pick-up that hobby as a lot of family memorable photos are overflowing. Anyway, let me walk you through to her transformation. This photo is her first ever photo. She was just about few hours old when I took it. The first thing I did though when the nurse brought her into the room was count her fingers and toes. LOL Not to mention I wanna make sure she's fine... my sister had a CS operation and was groggy days. Me and my parents spent all the time at the hospital.
The next photo is one of my favorite. She's not even one year old here, and I think no tooth yet as well. LOL Can you tell? I took it few days before my wedding, at my parental house.
Since I wasn't working anymore when she was born, we manage to spend a lot of time together. My mom was the one who's taking care of her in the province during weekdays, but we often take her to Manila and spend some time in my apartment. This photo was taken in my room, she loves playing with my office swivel chair.
And this photo I think is taken in the kitchen in my parent's house. If I remember it right, she was holding a balloon on stick here. LOL
This photo taken on November 2006 was when she was one of the muses in a parade. She was 4 years and 5 months old then. This photo was just the start of many more photos of her wearing gowns. Since then, whenever a relative or family friends get married, they would get her as one of the flower girls, not to mention there's a lot of parade during summer, i.e. Cingko de Mayo, etc. Her hair now is much much much longer. She want it to be really long. Given the chance, I think she likes it to be curled too. LOL
More digital scrapbooking photos taken on 2004 & 2005.
And finally, here she is with her Tita... me on my wedding day. Though she's only few months old, I thought it would be a neat idea for her to be my flower girl. Her dad has to carry her down the isle as she wasn't walking then yet. LOL
Happy happy birthday our dear precious niece. We love you so much! Muaaahhhhzzz from Tito Tib (her short version for DH name) and Tita Lody.
English - Tagalog - Kapampangan
Aunt - Tita, Tiya - Dada, Dara
Uncle - Tito, Tiyo - Bapa
Father, Daddy - Ama, Tatay - Tatang
Mother, Mommy - Ina, Nanay - Inda, Ima
Sibling - Kapatid - Kapatad
Birthday - Kaarawan - Kebaytan
One - Isa, Uno - Metung, Unu
Two - Dalawa, Dos - Adaw, Dos
Three - Tatlo, Tres - Atlu, Tres
Four - Apat, Kwatro - Apat, Kwatru
Five - Lima, Singko - Lima, Singku
Six - Anim, Sais - Anam, Sais
Seven - Pito, Syete - Pitu, Syeti
Eight - Walo, Otso - Walu, Otsu (Ochu)
Nine - Siyam, Nuebe - Siyam, Nuebi
Ten - Sampu, Diyes - Apulu, Diyes

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