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Monday, May 25, 2009

Seahorse, More Jewelry Sets And Some News

Seahorse is my first project from an EGA class so I wanted to make sure the project won't sit on my WIP basket. I managed to complete all the stitches early last week and will finish it as a display pillow, though I was thinking of finishing it as a purse as well.

Seahorse by Lynne Payette
I love making handmade items for family members here so I made another jewellery set (bottom left) for Aunt R (MIL's sister) as part of her birthday gifts. We had the gathering at her house on May 17th and I was in-charge on the strawberry shortcake. Here's are some of the beadworks I finished recently.
Jewellery Sets: Peyote
Another batch of Mother of Pearl thread holders arrived last week so I'm busy re-packing again. These are all earth colors now (aside from ivory) as I stopped ordering vibrant colors. These will be available in my shop, Lody's Creations, in retail and wholesale.
Mother of Pearl Thread Holders
We attended the funeral service of Grandpa Cliff (died on May 16th at the age of 89), a family friend, on May 22nd and I finally met all her 5 kids for the first time. This is the 3rd time I attended a funeral in my last 4 years here in the US.
On the stitching note, I just read an email from Kirsten (TGOSM editor) that she saw one of my sewing set in the cover of Embroidery & Cross Stitch Magazine (an Australian publication). That news put a big smile on my face as usual. My first sewing set published at ECS magazine was also in the cover though it's at the bottom part. Thank you ECS. I can't wait to recieve my copy of the magazine. I have another set ready for submission, just needing some tweeking here and there.
Happy stitching everybody!

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Lillie said...

Loved that seahorse!! Beautiful bead works, bet the birthday girls will be thrilled to received those jewellery sets.

Congrads on the ECS publication.
My sympathy to the family. Happy packing !!