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Monday, April 20, 2009

Filigree Charmed Drum - A Scissors Display Case

When I recieved this fabric (in the background) from Jodi last December, I knew I'll gonna use it in my smalls. Well, not only I used it but it's also the inspiratiion for this scissors drum. I love all the antique shades in the fabric that I matched them with DMC floss.
The Finishing Idea: As you already know, I love to experiment on hand finishings, and I try to come up with new ideas. I usually gather my materials first then start working from there. I've always wanted to make a case that could showcase fancy scissors, and I think this drum will do the trick.
With 20 blocks I had to stitch, I knew I have to keep the design super simple and quick to stitch to prevent the project on ending in my WIP basket. I had similar experience when working on the "Woven Ribbons" 15-sided biscornu. I got bored a lil bit in the stitching process yet so excited to see the finish product... and I have to admit I love it.
A funny story: Right after finishing the piece, I asked DH what he thinks it is... I always ask him the same whenever I'm working on a new idea. His answer was: "It's a crown Honey!" LOL I looked at the top view of the piece again and I realized, it does really look like a crown when it's empty. I guess when you're working on a specific piece and have the sole idea in mind, you miss the chance of considering other things.
Filigree Charmed Drum - A Scissors Display Case
by Timber Creek Needleworks
The drum with scissors
So how about you guys, what do you think it looks like? I would love to hear your interpretation. Happy stitching!
Update: April 21, 2009
Leslie, Lillie & Rachel - Thanks for your comments. I'm sure DH will be happy that he's not the only one thinking it's a crown. LOL On the other hand, the 5 pockets are big enough to hold other things such as thread, buttons or pack of needles... and the top part can be use as a pincushion.


Lillie said...

It does look like a crown to me. Congrads for another fab design.

tintocktap said...

Fantastic - I love it!

Rachel said...

Lody I love this! What a wonderful idea. I can see the "crown", but I also like the idea of a "drum"