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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Just Another Day of Blogging

Can you tell I'm a fish lover? DH knows how much I love ANY kind of fish and GREEN veggies so early last week (Tuesday), he went straight at the supermarket after work. Despite the fact that our fridge & frezzer is overflowing with various veggies and philippine kind fishes like tilapia (both whole and fillet kinds), milkfish (bangus), red snapper, etc. It's his another way of small surprises!
To cut the story short, the salmon he bought was our lunch that day. I baked it then served it with baby spinach salad drizzled with pistachio nuts. My dressing is made of EVOO and cajun mustard... sooooo yummy! Thanks to DH for buying a huge salmon that there's enough left-over for my the next day's lunch. This time though, I sauteed the spinach with a clove of garlic, sweet onion, seeded dice tomato and pistachio nuts on EVOO plus a pinch of salt & pepper. And had to eat it with plain rice & dipping sauce made of Asian soy sauce-lemon-ground red pepper... yummy!

Baked Salmon & Baby Spinach Salad
Here's the other thing that's filling my hands lately... repacking stuffs - particularly stitching & sewing accessories. I've been busy making STITCHING HELPERS too, i.e. linen markers, stitch counters, tail catchers, beaded fobs, etc. When I mailed some "smalls" models to Kirsten (The Gift of Stitching Magazine) last year, one of which is the Neck Purse set accompanied by a STITCHING HELPER detachable on a mini-biscornu. The said neck purse set was/will be published in 3 parts, from January 2009 up to March 2009. Subscribe on the magazine today to see how the set is assembled.

Stitching Helpers & Embellishments for TCN & Lody's Creations

Me and DH went at a booksale yesterday and got myself 24 various books... one of which is Poems of a Russian poet wile the rest are all about crafts, of course. I was hoping I could find more specific books about assissi, open-work, and pulled-work but I was still lucky to get about 4 needlework books with topics of the mentioned. I'm even surprise to be able to purchase a beadbook.

My New "OLD" Various Needlework Books

from Febuary 21, 2009 Booksale

I couldn't resist the "Grandma Moses" book too so I had to grab it for myself... and I had to indulge myself with it this morning, it's full of inspiration, I love it! DH bought a couple of sports books & a Dr. Phil (about losing weight) for him and we also managed to get 3 novels for MIL.
More books for me, DH and MIL
And lastly, I've been corresponding last week with Ms. Dorothy (in-charge on the Fabric & Threads Division of Iowa State Fair) and we already finalized my teaching schedule at this year's Fair. After 2 emails or so, she increased my slots from from 2 classes to 4 classes. I'm sooooooooo excited! Anyway, here's the further details of my teaching schedule:
  • Dates: August 13, 2009 (Thursday, first day of the Fair) & August 21, 2009 (Friday)
  • Time : 10:00AM - 12 noon & 1:30PM- 3:30PM on both dates above

I already finalized the "simple, quick to stitch designs" the other day. I just need to stitch and finish them this week so I can start to present them to Ms. Dorothy soon.

That's all for now folks. I will post a photo of the models once I get them done. Happy stitching!


Rachel said...

Congrats on the classes Lody and your little stitching helpers are lovely!

Paul Lionel said...

Congratulations on getting those books and good luck on the stitching helpers.

And that salmon with spinach looks SOOOO goood!!!!

Lillie said...

Mmmm..looks yummy too! ;P
The embellishments are all equally yummy looking..lol. Enjoy your books and teaching at the fair. Congrads!