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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Finishes and Purses for EGA Shop

I can't deny the fact anymore that Christmas is just around the corner. I'm still not done wrapping presents as we're still expecting some in the mail.
On the stitching side, here's another set of sewing purses I stitched for EGA shop. Both were accentuated with pearls, and will be a accompanied with sewing accessories... which unfortunately, I'm still working on. They are all, as always, 100% hand-finished and fully lined. My first goal for these purses was to finish them as MailArts, but I thought they would be better of as sewing sets. However, they can still be use as MA's as there are spacious spots under the flap (for sender's details) and at the opposite side (for recipient's details) which the future owner can work on for personalization. Despite the fact that both purses are already finished, personalizing them is attainable, and I will include the how-to-do-it information when I mail them to EGA shop.

Sewing Purses for EGA Shop
The above sewing sets will have accompanying accessories as the set below.
A Sewing Set for Judy adorned with RUBY chips
I finally finished this family ornament I made for a dear friend in Florida. Their names were stitched at the back for a more personal touch.:) It is fibre-filled (as opposed to my traditional mounted ornies) and adorned with fused bead trimmings... as it could be used as a hanger as well.
Christmas Hearts Family Ornament or Hanger
We're expecting another nasty weather this weekend therefore DH might decide to stay at work tomorrow... more stitching and finishing works for me, plus giftwrapping activities of course.
I hope everybody's ready for the upcoming Holidays! Merry Christmas to all... and to those in the Heartland area, please keep warm.

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Lillie said...

Lovely creations and beautiful finishing as always.

Merry Christmas and may you have a wonderful Christmas this season not forgetting, a very Happy New Year, may 2009 brings you lots of prosperity.