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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving... Give Thanks Prizes

Just in case I forget tomorrow, I wanna greet you all a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

We'll have our family gathering at SIL's house and everybody was assigned what food to bring, plus personal additions. I'll gonna make bacon-wrapped lil' smokies, pastry-wrapped cheesy lil' smokies, cherry-topped cheesecake, brocolli-rice-cheese casserole, leche flan (Philippines custard), chinese fried rice (50-50 chance), and since yesterday, DH has been thinking of apple crisp as well though it wasn't in the original plan. I got most of the ingredients but casserole so we might have to run in town later. I'm planning to prepare all the desserts tonight, otherwise, I won't be able to cook everything in time as we only have one oven. How about you everybody, what are you going to cook?
On the stitching note, here's part of the prize for GIVE THANKS contest, still working on the stash.:)
GIVE THANKS Contest Prizes
Biscornu, Needles Etui, Scissors Fob and Stork Scissors
Below are some book additions in my collections. I got a bunch of interesting stuffs from EGA Shop last month which I forgot to share. I enjoyed reading them all and love the embroidery video very much. Check our EGA Shop and build up a wonderful needlework collection! The books/leaflet on top came from various sources. I was lucky to find a David Lauer book about color and design. Also, I've been looking for the IA Mansion House book since I heard about it last year, and I finally able to grab a signed copy from the personal collection of an ebay seller. This is so far the only listing I found on ebay since I started searching for it. And finally, a Just Nan leaflet - it's part 1 of Barnabee's Quest. I do have part 3, so I gotta get part 2 to complete the bellpull. This piece is in my to-do list, I just don't know when will I do it.

November 2008 Stash:

Books/Pamphlets from EGA, etc.

Have a great family time everybody!


Emily said...

Happy Thanksgiving Lody!

Wow, your food list is making my tummy ramble!

Janet C said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family.