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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy All Saints Day! News and Finishes

In the Philippines, our version of Halloween is called "All Saints Day" or "All Souls Day" which is celebrated every November 1st. Literally, we call it or it can be called "Day of the Dead" as we devote November 1st to our dead relatives and friends... at least for Catholic like me. Sounds strange? I'm sure you're find it more strange when you read further how we spend out day!
Usually, on the last week of October, we already buy a bunch of candles that we have to take at the cemetery... then we buy flowers either October 1st or morning of November 1st. Candles are lighted continously at the tombs... as in whole day. Aside from flowers and candles, different kind of food is also brought... it's like we're having a picnic. One way or the other, most (if not all) relatives will spend hours at the tombs of their dead loveones. Though in our case, we take turns in spending time there. I remember when I was still there, we go early in the morning at my brother and grandparents' tombs, then in the afternoon, we visit other relatives' tombs. To cut the story short, All Saints Day for us is like a family get-together for both living and the dead. It is a day entirely devoted to our dead loveones.
On the stitching side, here's another batch of altoid tin topers. I'm still finishing a bunch of sewing sets, and miscalculated the time I wanted to allot on them. My finishing basket is getting full and I need to stop stitching in the next few days if I wanna see the bottom of that basket again... lol Anyway, I finished more last week but as always, I can't share them all yet so just settle for the altoids for now.:)
Altoid Tin Toppers by Lody's Creations
The other day, I was advised by Embroidery and Cross Stitch magazine that one of my sewing set will be published on December 2008. I submitted the design months ago (along with another design) and I'm glad I'll finally see it publish next month. So if you're a subscriber of the said magazine, watch out for it.:) Also, I finally recieved the other day the instruction documents for Step 1 of my Master Craftsman for Counted Thread Embroidery from EGA. I spent few hours yesterday browsing my needlework book collections in the attic, then brought them downstairs. There were lots of interesting reference books (included in the instructions) that I don't have but thank goodness I found a couple online... I purchased them of course.:) And speaking of purchase, my stash addition recently are just fabrics, twisted cordings, box of altoids and some "oh so" cheap stuffs I got from Dollar General store. I couldn't resist these antique-y color 100% cotton fabrics so I grab a yard of the leafy green and 1.5 yards of the flowering vine pink. The natural color linen-like at the bottom has been something I wanted to buy in the last few weeks and I couldn't ignore it anymore the other day.:)

Cotton & Linen-like Fabrics

Do you have a copy of this month's TGOSM? My ornament contribution at this month's issue is called "Christmas Hearts", with a bright and pastel version. Though I finished both pieces as flat mounted ornaments, the design is suited for a biscornu, pinkeep, pincushion, needlebook, etc. as well. It is just a quick-to-stitch project and I hope you'll stitch it. Please don't forget to email me a photo shold you stitch it. I'm planning to stitch it again as well.:)

TO EVERYBODY HERE IN THE US: Please don't forget to cast your vote! Your vote counts and can make a difference. We've voted early last month... yes, thank goodness DH decided to submit his early. I remember him telling me right after he mailed the ballot: "There honey, you won't have to remind me about it anymore... lol"

Have a great stitching weekend everybody!


Rachel said...

I saw your ornie in GOS Lody - very pretty, and I love the idea of making it into a biscornu! Your tins look great too.

Lillie said...

Loved those altoid tins. I've been lucky to be given some altoid tins that comes with my exchanges but no guts to finish one up yet:P

Lillie said...

Loved those altoid tins. I've been lucky to be given some altoid tins that comes with my exchanges but no guts to finish one up yet:P