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Friday, October 24, 2008

Some News, Finishings and Stashing

I am ashamed of myself for not being able to share this piece right away. Anyway, if you still remember this piece, it's a private exchange between me and Jodi. I added a half and whole medallions (with Jodi's initials on one), and stitched scattered alphabets minus our initials. For a while, I thought I could just frame the piece instead but "a sewing roll" popped to mind. So here it is, a quaker sewing roll with attached needlepage & pinkeep, thread rings, a pocket, and a magnetic strip to hold loose needles while stitching. I also made a beaded tail with clasps on both sides that could hold the lil' ruler and thread organizer from Bloom Woodworks. I handsewn a strip of antique lace at the lip of the pocket, the color of the lace matches with the poly-ribbon tie. As I told Jodi in my email, I was about to stitch a "phrase" on the inside flap but I was so anxious to see the finished piece that I decided to stitch it afterwards (if I can). The roll was stiffened with skirtex of course.:)
Quaker Sewing Roll
Stitched and Finished by Jodi and Lody
A Private Exchange
Both the purses/envelopes below are still unfinished as I'm not decided yet if I'll add more motifs or not. The main motif on the set (purse and needleroll) below was extracted from La-Da-Da's ornament at 2008 JCSOI, I just couldn't resist this repetitive motif. I also finished 3 more Victorian rose fobs, one of which has a matching altoid tin topper.

Never did I imagine that I'll end up with UFO's this year... one of which is the piece below which I stitched few months back. I found it at my finishing basket (in the attic) earlier so I thought I better put an end to this project - I finished it this afternoon. I was about to paint the box in white but with the rainy weather we have lately, I opt not to do it as the box has a clean finish anyway. Also, hubby suggested to keep it as is... I might (or not) line the inside part. I already took out the coordinating fabric I should use, but we'll see.

Tea Box
Designed by Vicki Hastings
Stitched by Lody
I don't knit but I couldn't resist not to get these bamboo knitting needles... and a couple of plastic ones. With my quest to find more weighting solutions, I ended up buying a bag of flat pebble stones (in black and white), and 4 bags of "crushed walnut shells" (in the black measuring cup in the photo). I also got about 4 crochet threads but gave the 3 to MIL already... As for the altoid tins, I lost count as to how many boxes hubby bought for me... lol though majority are choco-mint flavors, I got some cinnamon and wintergreen as well.
Wendy, "natural" crushed walnut shells are great to use as stuffings for pincushions as they prevent needles from rusting. They have medium weight which is perfect for fobs as well.:) Also, thank you so much for the Rose Award, I am flattered. I will blog about it on my next post. My connection is killing me again... lol

Juicy News: I recently enrolled on a "Master Craftsman Program" for Counted Thread Embroidery at EGA and I wonder if anybody out there has completed this program. I'm still waiting for the documents/instructions, and I've been reading the steps over and over again... with the hope that the perfect project and design will come to mind... lol I thought about it for a while and I can't wait for my works to be critiqued by great teachers/jurors.

I hope everybody's having a great stitching night!

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