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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Neighborhood, An Award, Etc.

I didn't do stitching this last couple of days but I finished these biscornus a while back. They all have quaker flower motifs and stitched on (mauve & lavender) quaker linens. However, I managed to finish another version of Jodi's quaker purse last Thursday, but still can't share a photo.
Quaker Biscornus
After accepting Vonna's RR invitation, I had been thinking which fabric to use... I have yardages of Quaker linens but then I know I can't really make a huge project so I focused on my other "cut" linens... and I finally limit my choices with this 2: a golden brown 28 count linen 30" x 35" and a fabric from Stitches and Spice, an antique violet hand-dyed 28 count linen 18" x 27". The size of golden brown is perfect for my neighborhood and the color reminds me of autumn leaves. However, I just couldn't resist the hand-dyed fabric of Stitches and Spice as well, and I'm actually leaning towards using it. If I'll use the latter, I might just have to stitch smaller houses and motifs. I also picked some of the threads I'll gonna use, mostly DMC plus GAST and Caron threads. I have a couple of "Colors of America" GAST sampler packs, and I love every color on them. Each pack (COA #2 & #3) has colors perfect for my walls, trees, etc. I hope to have my lay-out available in a week's time so don't forget to come back & check it out. However, my neighborhood will be charted as I go along stitching each phase therefore I won't be able to present the whole project charted.
My Neighborhood Materials
We have 3 family members celebrating their birthdays this month, and it became a tradition to celebrate their party in one day. We had their unified party last Friday evening at our dear Aunt's house in town. Needless to say, it's a great family gathering! Ooopps, and one more thing, I made a tote bag for the lady celebrant as part of our gift but my main purpose for the bag was to use it as gift wrapping.:) It was big enough to hold all our gifts for her. Too bad I didn't able to take a photo of it... Then on Saturday morning, me and hubby hit the town very early. We first went at the farmer's market where I purchased green peppers (for my salsa canning) and some summer squash (my first time to purchase them). Afterwards, we headed to Walmart, and oh boy... they're doing a craze summer outfits clearance... lol So I told hubby, there goes part of his christmas gift for me... lol Our hands were both busy looking for our own stuffs. I ended up with more than 10 summer tops (mostly camis) and half a dozen of shorts & capris, while hubby got a couple of white shirts (not much of his size is available) and a bunch of pants. I could go on and on the list of what we got but I better stop here. lol

Our tomatoes started to conquer our kitchen again so I decided to do another salsa canning yesterday. I finally get to use this jars we purchased after the canning season last year... way cheaper than the regular price. Anyway, I made 2 batches of extremely hot salsa in quarter (3) and pint (4) size jars. I put more habanero peppers on these batches and I can't wait for DH to try some.
Extremely Hot/Spicy Salsa
Salsa Canning: September 14, 2008
Then today, I preserved more veggies.... eggplants and peppers that I picked yesterday. Freezing is way faster than canning, just need to blanch the eggplants in boiling water with lemon juice (to preserve their color). On the other hand, I had to can the habanero peppers, I cut them in half, removed the seeds and spines then sliced them thinly. Good thing I got a bunch of used mushroom jars... perfect size for canning the habaneros. As for the daredevil peppers (siling labuyo), I put a bunch in my vinegar (datu puti) bottle then canned the rest using mushroom jars as well.
And lastly, thanks to Lene for the award. Though I don't leave as much comment on your blog, rest assure that I visit it often to oohhh and aahhh on your lovely works. Check out her site so you'll know what I'm talking about. Her hands are always flying high stitching humongous projects.

I love over a hundred blogs - stitching, cooking, sewing, etc. - so I'm awarding all of you who read this post.:)
Please consider yourself awarded and don't forget to post the following rules on your Blog.
1. The winner can put the logo on their Blog.
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5. Leave a message on the Blogs of those you've nominated.

Wendy and Emily, DH is now curious too about "BENTO"! lol Japanese bentos were featured at CBS morning news yesterday morning and we were both oohhh-ing and aahh-ing with their lovely and veryyyyyyy expensive versions of bentos. lol The producers focused on wooden bentos (which cost up to $1,000+) and of course the traditional plastic ones. I asked DH if he wants me to make bento for him since he usually bring lunch at work, he told me no need as he'll gonna need a lot bigger bentos than those featured yesterday.

That's all for now folks! Have a great day!


Lillie said...

Loved those biscornu, Lody. Congrads. The threads for your NRR looks so yummy.

Have a good weekend :D

biblo said...

Lody, the way I understand bento is that it is food pack in a box. Your DH already bring lunch to work. So actually you are already doing it. Calling it bento is just a nicer way of putting it and using the accessories just make it look nicer. Using the bento boxes is about portioning the food, for me that is... ^_*

LODY said...

thanks for the info about bento wendy:)
i'll try to find nice bento boxes in town... bigger sizes for DH.:)

Emily said...

Lock&Lock (Korean made) brand has great sizes (for man's appetite!) and combinations for you to choose from. Airtight and water safe to boot!