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Monday, May 19, 2008

Busy Weekend

Last Friday marked our first day this year in (veggies) gardening activities. Mil, DH and me went in Ames in the morning... though our main agenda was to go at Holubs (our fave garden outlet), of course we can't resist not to go at Hobby Lobby first. Me and MIL did some stashing while DH was busy at the movie store nearby. We also tried to check out a needlework shop along Main Street but was unlucky so we just headed at the Quilting Connection, MIL's fave fabric store.
After all the stashing and few stop-overs, we finally made it to our final destination, HOLUBS. DH was in-charge on the tomatoes (jetsetters and beefmaster) while I got some eggplants (ichiban and lavender) and peppers (super chili and habanero). I also wanna try cherry tomatoes this year, but we'll just get those in town.
Once we got home, I started to dig on the ground. lol Thank goodness DH already prepared the soil weeks back. While I was busy at the backyard, DH mowed the entire lawn. Aside from above, I also planted some okra, cucumbers, green beans (bush kind), bok choi, asparagus beans (we call this "string beans" back home), and chinese okra (luffa). This will be the first year since I came here that I didn't plant beets. On the other hard, this is the first year I planted bok choi, and asparagus beans. I got the seeds at an Oriental store mid-last year. Hope they'll grow well as I love bok choi so muchhhh... lol In the past few years, I planted spinach, collard greens and chards but wasn't really a fanatic of the last 2. Cukes and beans are just few this year as I'm not planning to do much canning and pickling this year.
On Saturday, we celebrated Aunt Ruthie's birthday at MIL's house. I was in-charge on the "strawberry cake" while SIL made banana cream pie, home-made corn bread and sweet salad. MIL prepared pot roast with baby carrots and potatoes... sooooo yummmyyyyy!

Strawberry Cake for Aunt Ruthie

Per previous agreement with SIL, I spent some time with Katie yesterday (Sunday), from 9:30 AM to 3PM while MIL continued the rest of the afternoon. I brought some stitching works but didn't able to do any though.

Well, since I'm in the mood to write, I thought I'll share some of DH's passion... lol Aside from sports cards, he loves to collect movies and music cd's. Our office (or computer) room is filled with drawers as you see in the photos below. We love using these drawers for organizing our collection as they're stackable. We get them from "Get Organized" and each drawer can hold: DVD=28, CD=60, & VHS=18 pieces. If I remember it right, we should have more than 1,500 movie collections, plus complete seasons of some TV shows, concerts (i.e. Star Trek, Beatles, Little House on the Prairie, etc.). I lost track on the volume/amount of music CD's though.

Part of DH's gift from me last month were 3 DVD drawers. With the movies we recieved last Christmas, not to mention we regularly buy 1 to 5 each month, it was the right time to buy some drawers again... and yet, we need more... lol

Drawers: DVD's, Music CD's, VHS

As for the stitching part, I didn't do much this weekend but finished some on the weekdays.:) Hope everybody will have a great Monday!

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