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Monday, March 3, 2008

Tearose Ornament with Matching Buttefly Fob

Tearose Ornament with Matching Butterfly Fob
I was inspired to finish this tearose ornament when a wonderful needlework enthusiast had a look at my completed pieces and can't resist not to ask me to make one for her, specifying a tearose motif to match her existing bathroom decor. I think this ornie look so feminine and delicate specially with the matching butterfly fob that looks like perching on the vines. I'm not really sure yet if she'll like it but I can always make another one that will suit her taste, right? (I hope... lol)
Well my dears, I better go back to stitching to fulfill another request... this time a wedding anniversary ornament. And again, it's also a request from a wonderful customer. I want this piece to be extra-ordinary to return the compliment I recieved from her. Don't we all feel great when somebody we do not know drop us a note to tell us how lovely our works are?
Have a great day everybody!


Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Dear Lody!! What a surprise to find your comment on my blog...and to find you have a blog of your own, now!! I love it! Your little fob and ornie is darling. Sending many hugs, Deb

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

PS: Lody, I hope you don't mind..I'm featuring your blog on my blog as you are a friend of mine. It will bring my others of my stitching friends to see your blog so you can make new friends. Love and hugs,

Lillie said...

Wow! what a beauty, so are all your finishes.

Lody said...

dear deb, glad you drop by! i don't mind featuring my blog on yours, i would love that of course.:) and of course, thank you for the kind words.

my dear lillie, thank you so much. i emailed the photo to the requester yesterday and she love it.


Katrina said...

Gorgeous! Love your blog, I followed Deb's link here :-).

Meari said...

It's beautiful, Lody!