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Monday, February 18, 2008

Belated Valentines Post and More Finishings

More pop-up pinkeeps, biscornu and a birdhouses pillow

Pincushion, pinkeep, needlekeep, fobs and a spring pillow

Folk heart pincushion & needlebook combo with matching fob and quaker altoid tin toppers

Even with the terrible weather we had the entire week, I managed to stitched and finished more smalls. I also found a couple spring theme pieces that I stitched on aida last year, so I thought they'll look great as pillows.

And finally, the SHS pattern was mailed out on February 13th. I hope it will be on Zohrah's (in Singapore) hand this week so she can start to enjoy stitching it.

We had a terrible connection on Valentine's Day and I couldn't post in here... but it's better late than never, right? HAPPY VALENTINE'S TO ALL!

I've been waiting for these lovely tatted lace strips since Faizon emailed me that they were on their way... and I recieved them early last week. Aren't they lovely? I couldn't resist not to commission her on making some for me when I saw the lovely pieces she made for the NNC anniversary gift exchange last year. Faizon, you truly are a Master Tatter.:) Thank you so much for making them for me.

Faizon's Tatted Lace Strips

And last but not the least that I wanna share is this book that I've been looking for in a while now. I'm finally a proud owner of this GERTRUDE WHITING'S OLD-TIME TOOLS & TOYS OF NEEDLEWORK. Though it's not a first edition, I'm still glad I have one in my possession now. It is a very informative book for antique toold enthusiast like me.:) I haven't finished reading it yet but I remember I run across a photo at page 299 where a Filipina from Baguio City, Philippines was weaving.

Gertrude Whiting

I will keep this post short, as I just wanna let everybody know that my needles are smoking hot in here. lol DH had to stay at the hotel in the last 2 days due to severe road condition again. He called me earlier to say that he tried to go home this morning but the roads are too bad so he head back at the hotel. When he left for work on Saturday, he advised me that he might or might not make it to go home till Tuesday, good thing he brought lots of clothes... lol. We had once again, hit by freezing rain yesterday early morning with 30MPH wind, then followed by snow storm... it's still snowing up to now. :( Good thing I don't have to go out to get the mail as it's holiday, President's Day... brrrrr

Well everybody, I got a bunch of smalls that I gotta finish so I better log out now. Have a great day everyone and happy stitching!


Janet C said...

Look's like you have been busy and as always your FO's are soooo lovely! Keep warm though.

Lody said...

thanks janet!
just staying inside the house here to keep myself warm, with the help of non-stop sipping of coffee. lol
hugs, lody